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iSmart - Smartphone Group Learning Days for Hotel Staff

A Hotels social media content is vital in hotel and hospitality marketing. Guests want a taste of what they can experience and want to feel engaged with the product or brand often before looking at the main website. Hotels DO NOT train their staff effectively in social media picture taking and often are a poor representation of your brand. If you are unable to commission great photography, then the next very best way is to get officially trained in Smartphone Photography Courses. Creation Bureau is running up iSmart sessions and down the country for hotels and their staff to get greater control of their imagery.

iSmart Live Courses Part 1

What is included in your booking – Morning AM.

  • Two smartphone and experienced photography trainers
  • Introduction meet and greet – problems assessment of images
  • Introduction to Smartphone cameras – iPhone/ Samsung
  • Camera settings
  • Essential 2 Apps to use on a regular basis
  • Composition and perfect angles
  • What are good images and why?
  1. Weekly Video calls to discuss any problems and receive ongoing guidance.
  2. Included in the course are questions and answer sheets.
  3. Instagram and social media hashtag strategy.
  4. PDF all about the course and useful links.

iSmart Live Courses Part 2

What is included in your booking – Afternoon PM.

  • Live shoot setups – pre-designed setups for photography
  • Working with the light
  • Introduction to a live edit
  • Assessment of photography taken on a live shoot
  • Grading and edit of final images
  • Portrait or Landscape which is bet and for what?
  • Final edit
  • Presentation and analysis for the days work
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Hotel Smartphone photography course for your staff. Create a consistent message across all your social media platforms

This is a practical course designed to help staff understand how to shoot better social media pictures for their Hotels and get the best from their pictures and posts on social media.


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%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %
%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %

Group Courses for Hotels - On-Site Training

Your Social Media Photography is only as good as the people you trust to capture, edit, and post it, mostly designated staff. Not always the best option. With many hotels using a corporate website for all of their locations, it falls to your social media departments (People) within the venue. No experience, no understanding, and rarely processed well. This is the lifestyle representation of many hotels and often the first point of contact for many customers.

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All candidates will have the opportunity to spend some time with us whilst mentoring their work while candidates take their own pictures from a set or pre-prepared compositions in the hotel.


The composition is King and we work with candidates to help identify the best composition scenarios and help understand why these work for the best on Social Media.


Learn the full power of your smartphone operation and how to set and get the best from focus, aperture, and other hidden smartphone camera settings.


Learn the best two Apps to have on your smartphone and how to use these for editing, grading and uploading to Social Media.


Creative and innovative modern designs. Full visual sign off and conceptualisation to wireframe.


Lighting is everything and we will show you how to set up your smartphone to work in most lighting scenarios and how to get the best from your settings and exposure.

Smartphone and How to Photography Courses for Hospitality, Hotels Tourism and Leisure