Creation Bureau creates and manages custom content with Photography and Video and Websites. Hotel and leisure hospitality digital marketing agency delivering excellence in interactive marketing solutions for the tourism industry. We are a boutique-style creative marketing agency specialising in hotel photography and hotel video for the tourist and leisure industry. We create and produce in house all of our own content, from conception to creation and backed by our creative post-marketing team helping deliver hotel video, hotel photography and hotel SEO and social media for our clients.


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Golf Course Drone Video and Photography

Golf Photography with Golf Drone Video allows us to capture the beauty of golf courses through unparalleled visuals. Our expertise in drone photography, videography, and lifestyle imagery sets us apart as the premier choice for golf courses seeking to showcase their facilities with sophistication and allure. We understand that each golf course has its unique story, and our mission is to bring that story to life with stunning visuals that engage with your customers

The use of drone photography takes this a step further by providing breathtaking aerial views of your golf course, giving potential guests a bird’s eye perspective of what awaits them. This not only highlights the layout and condition of the course but also the surrounding landscape and amenities, offering a comprehensive view that ground-level photography simply cannot match.

golf drone photography and 360 vr

Golf Course Virtual Tours, Interactive Maps & 360 VR Tours

Attracting more customers is easy and affordable with golf course virtual tours, interactive maps, and 360 VR tours for hotel golf brands. These digital resources showcase your golf course’s amenities and beauty to prospective customers from any location, boosting visibility for your business and increasing the probability of reservations. Hotels and courses see a surge in business as a result of additional bookings. Customers can get a full and entertaining preview of the course before their visit, which enhances their overall enjoyment. You can increase your online presence, offer your business a competitive edge, and forge deeper connections with prospective guests by investing in these virtual experiences. In essence, it’s good for the property and the people that come to visit.
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The Best Way to Bring Alive & Promote Your Course

  • Drone Mastery: Our drone footage offers a bird’s-eye view of your golf course, presenting the layout, terrain, and natural beauty from angles that captivate and engage potential visitors. We are experts in highlighting the features that make your course unique, ensuring that every fairway, green, and water hazard is showcased in its best light.
  • Lifestyle Imagery: We go beyond traditional photography to capture the lifestyle that your golf course embodies. Our images tell a story, inviting viewers to imagine themselves enjoying a day on the course, basking in the serene landscapes, and indulging in the luxury that your golf course offers. This emotional connection is crucial in converting viewers into visitors.
  • Golf Content Specialists: At Creation Bureau, we pride ourselves on being golf content specialists. We possess a deep understanding of what makes golf courses special and the elements that golfers find appealing. This insight allows us to create content that is not only visually stunning but also strategically targeted to attract and retain the right audience.
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Enhanced Online Presence and Marketing

  • Visual Appeal: Leverage high-quality images and videos to capture the attention of potential guests, showcasing your property in its best light.
  • Differentiation: Utilize interactive 360 VR tours to set your property apart in a competitive market, providing a unique online experience.
  • Engagement: Create engaging content like interactive maps and virtual tours to keep potential guests on your website longer, leading to higher conversion rates.
old course golf ball

Competitive Advantage and Market Positioning

  • Innovation Leadership: Position your golf course or hotel as an innovation leader by adopting cutting-edge technology, and attracting guests seeking premium experiences.
  • Market Expansion: Appeal to a tech-savvy audience and provide accessible virtual experiences to attract guests from new markets and demographics.
  •  Return on Investment (ROI): Achieve a favorable ROI from the long-term benefits of increased bookings, higher average spend per guest, enhanced brand reputation, and reduced marketing costs through direct bookings.
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golf course pro portraits
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online golf training modules by creation bureau learn about the courses

The Benefits of Your Training System

We Create Your Online Golf Learning CPD Custom Systems

Leverage our online CPD system for customer training to engage golfers directly through your course professionals or educators. With this platform, you can visually guide players through your course’s unique features, including its angles, elevations, and terrains. Offer advice on club selection and playing angles to support both new and seasoned golfers in enhancing their game.

Our system facilitates a deeper understanding of your course, enabling players of all levels to gain valuable insights and strategies for play. Benefit from custom segments tailor-made by us to showcase the best of what your course has to offer.

golf portal for hotels by creation bureau
old thorns golf resort and spa

What's In It For the Golfers?

    1. Improved Skills: Access to professional advice and course-specific strategies helps golfers of all levels improve their game, making the investment worthwhile.
    2. Convenience: Golfers can access this training at their convenience, allowing for flexible learning that fits their schedule.
    3. Course Familiarity: The system helps players become familiar with the course before even stepping onto it, preparing them for a better playing experience.
    4. Community Building: This platform can foster a sense of community among members, encouraging social interactions and peer learning.

What's In It For the Golf Course?

  1. New Revenue Stream: Charging for access to the CPD system introduces a new revenue stream. Golfers willing to improve their game are likely to see the value in paying for premium content and personalized coaching advice.
  2. Increased Engagement: Offering a platform where golfers can interact with pros and get tailored advice increases engagement. Engaged customers are more likely to visit frequently and recommend the course to others.
  3. Enhanced Reputation: Providing a high-quality, educational experience positions your course as a leader in innovation and customer service, attracting more players and potentially higher-profile events.

The Professional Golfers’ Association sees CPD engagement increase by over 170% with online Learning

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%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %