Creation Bureau creates and manages custom content with Photography and Video and Websites. Hotel and leisure hospitality digital marketing agency delivering excellence in interactive marketing solutions for the tourism industry. We are a boutique-style creative marketing agency specialising in hotel photography and hotel video for the tourist and leisure industry. We create and produce in house all of our own content, from conception to creation and backed by our creative post-marketing team helping deliver hotel video, hotel photography and hotel SEO and social media for our clients.


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Uncover the Hidden Threats Hoteliers Feel & What Keeps Hotel Owners Awake at Night?

Stop Getting GHOSTED by Customers, Stop Your Phantom Reservations: Getting Ghosted Loses Hotel Nightly Profits.

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WARNING: About Your Outdated SEO It Could Be Costing You, Guests! – Don’t Let Old SEO Tactics Drive Visitors Away!

Terrifying Truth About Your Hotel: Your Competitors Are Winning Guests You Don’t Even See Because Of Poor Content and Creative Focus!

Why Pay Hefty OTA (Online Travel Agencies) Commissions with the Likes of & Trivago? Drive Direct Bookings Instead!

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Revenue Down? Outdated Hotel Photos Might Be Your Silent Enemy! Sending Guests to Other Hotels? We Can Fix That

Inconsistent Marketing Content: A Confused Message That Pushes Potential Guests Away & Looses Customers to Your Competitor.

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Outdated Decor: Venues with outdated decor may be less appealing to couples looking for a modern or trendy setting.

Low-Level Creative Input: Venues that haven’t undergone team ideas for overall wedding looks

Old Promotional Material: Old or low-quality promotional videos and photos may not effectively showcase the venue.

Not Keeping Up With Trends: Failing to adapt to current wedding trends could deter modern couples from booking.

Inadequate Online Presence: Lack of a strong online presence, including an outdated website or lack of social media engagement, could result in fewer inquiries and bookings.

No Lifestyle Photography: No creative real shoots; relying ONLY on wedding photography or Bride pictures is often unsuitable

Ineffective Social Media Marketing: If a venue does not market itself effectively online with original content, especially online, it may struggle to attract new clients, especially using only bride or wedding photographer images.

Simply put, We guarantee to boost your hotel’s online presence by creating a holistic content campaign across all of your digital media with our simple, comprehensive content plans, creating one message.

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Complimentary 30-Minute No-Obligation  Discovery Session: Delve deeper into your needs and worries about your brand and how to move forward.

How We Work Together with You

  1. Photography:
    • Highlight hotel’s interior including rooms, lobbies, and amenities.
    • Focus on seasonal aspects – e.g., if it’s winter, capture cozy, indoor moments.
  1. Content:
    • Update the website’s main pages with new photographs and any fresh amenities or services.
  2. Blog Writing:
    • Introduce seasonal activities and events happening at the hotel.
    • Share behind-the-scenes content, e.g., “A Day in the Life of Our Chef”.
  3. Social Media:
    • Share photographs regularly, showcasing guest experiences.
    • Teasers for the upcoming annual video.
    • Share snippets from blog posts.
  4. Drone Work:
    • Capture aerial shots of the hotel and its surrounding areas.
    • Use these shots for teasers on social media.
  1. Video:
    • Start planning for your annual video. This includes scripting, storyboard creation, and deciding on the locations for shooting.
  2. AI. Software and SaaS & Chat Concierge 24/7 Hotel custom chatbot
  3. Google My Business:
    • Update with new photographs.
    • Encourage guests to leave reviews. Respond to these reviews, both positive and negative.
  4. SEO:
    • Initial SEO audit and keyword research.
    • Optimize on-page content based on findings.
  5. Web Position and Quality:
    • Check website load times and mobile optimization.
    • Implement a feedback mechanism for website visitors.
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The Evidence Says It All - A Few Recent Client Testimonials & Reviews

Kelly Mortimer – Leading Wedding Industry Expert

“The Creation Bureau has a keen eye for capturing the right angles, lighting, and composition… Their photographs can transport viewers to the venue… they are partners in driving success for companies in the venue and hospitality industry and my own clients.”

%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %
%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %

James Wakefield – Old Thorns Hotel & Golf Resort

Creation Bureau was our best option for fresh marketing content, We had a vision of injecting life and character into our Photography and Video, and James from Creation Bureau was nothing short of exceptional. We’ve found a trusted partner in Creation Bureau,

%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %
%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %

Emma Clark – Head of Marketing, GLOW Events

“Watching James and his team work is fascinating… the results always speak for themselves… We cannot recommend Creation Bureau enough to businesses looking to communicate their offering to customers in a luxurious and high-end way and increase new bookings.”

%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %
%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %

Ella Robbins – St Andrews Old Course Scotland

“The return on our 12-month investment, we thought initially was more expensive than others,  However, their dedication has increased quality bookings with better customers spending more… Investing in The Creation Bureau’s services has significantly uplifted our bottom line.”

%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %
%luxury hotel photography% %luxury resort photography(alt)% %luxury resort video %

Benefits of Booking a 3-12 Month Content Plan:

🔹 Sustained Engagement: Consistent content keeps your audience engaged, driving repeat bookings and referrals.
🔹 Cost-Efficient: Longer-term plans offer better value for money, with bulk content creation leading to economies of scale.
🔹 Strategic Planning: Our long-term strategies ensure content is aligned with industry trends and seasonal changes.
🔹 Dedicated Support: Get priority support, regular updates, and detailed performance reports with our extended content plans.
🔹 Boosted ROI: A sustained content strategy means better online visibility, increased direct bookings, and a significant boost to your return on investment.

Why Choose Our Digital Hotel Marketing Services?

  1. Expertise in Hospitality: We specialize in the hotel industry, understanding its nuances and crafting strategies tailored for maximum impact.
  2. Comprehensive Content Creation: From blog articles to high-quality videos, infographics, and more – we cover it all.
  3. SEO Mastery: Our content is optimized for search engines, ensuring your hotel stays at the forefront of search results.
  4. Consistent Brand Messaging: We ensure your brand voice is consistent across all platforms, enhancing brand recall and loyalty.
  5. Adaptable Plans: Whether you opt for 3 months or an extensive 12-month plan, our strategies are designed for flexibility and growth.