Creation Bureau creates and manages custom content with Photography and Video and Websites. Hotel and leisure hospitality digital marketing agency delivering excellence in interactive marketing solutions for the tourism industry. We are a boutique-style creative marketing agency specialising in hotel photography and hotel video for the tourist and leisure industry. We create and produce in house all of our own content, from conception to creation and backed by our creative post-marketing team helping deliver hotel video, hotel photography and hotel SEO and social media for our clients.


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The hospitality industry is benefiting from the use of aerial video and photography provided by drones. Aerial drone videos of your hotel or tourism location are perfect to showcase on your website, social media and Youtube. A beautiful way to engage your customers with a predefined flight plan and production showing your hotel in the best light and telling the brands story.  We capture quality drone footage and stills that compliment your overall, marketing strategy.

hotel drone photography - creation bureau

UK Based Drone Photography & Video

Drones in Hotel & Resort Photography – Our drone flights are favoured by many hotels and with a pre-defined flight plan we ensure an interesting feel to any video. They offer potential customers beautiful aerial shots of a hotel complex. Give an aerial view of golf courses. Offer the ability for interactive maps and give your customers a rather unique perspective. Drone flights can create impressive video content to grab the attention of your customers enticing them to book.

hotel drone photography - creation bureau
hotel drone photography - creation bureau
hotel drone photography - creation bureau

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UK Based Drone Photography & Video

5 Reasons Hotels should use Drone Video and Hotel Drone Photography.

  • Hotel Drone Video helps to increase bookings.
  • Offers a unique perspective for your customers.
  • Inexpensive to get footage from a licensed Drone Pilot.
  • Creates customer interaction.
  • Engages new customers with a super ROI.
  • Can be mixed in with other video footage to create a full video.

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Hotel Drone Photography and Hotel Drone Video

Hotel Drone Photography and Video Captures your fantastic surroundings, showcase the facilities, walks, and other activities, show the stunning views. Drones are ideal marketing tools for tourism. Video content mixed with dorn views is more engaging and increases views and bookings offering unique views. It allows and brand to stand out from other content. A view from the air offers a unique way to open up your property and its facilities. Perfect for high up shots contributing more production quality to your overall look and feel for your brand. Drone stills and video are also great to partner up with our 360 solutions as this allows us to use the drone-generated images to develop interactive aerial site maps to help your guests see the layout of your property and exactly where they will stay. These air images from the hotel drone photography session allow us to interlink images and video with text popups to create a fully immersive interactive feel for your clients who are more like to book rather than simply trust reviews.

International Drone Photography and Hotel Drone Video

hotel drone photography