Creation Bureau creates and manages custom content with Photography and Video and Websites. Hotel and leisure hospitality digital marketing agency delivering excellence in interactive marketing solutions for the tourism industry. We are a boutique-style creative marketing agency specialising in hotel photography and hotel video for the tourist and leisure industry. We create and produce in house all of our own content, from conception to creation and backed by our creative post-marketing team helping deliver hotel video, hotel photography and hotel SEO and social media for our clients.


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Luxury Hotel Photography, Luxury Hotel Video and Hotel Content Production by Creation Bureau
Were Helping Hotels, Hoteliers, Luxury Resorts and Hospitality Brands Transform Their Guests into Loyal Customers and retain them with Beautifully Crafted Content and Media.

Creation Bureau specialises in photography for luxury hotels shooting hotel photography and hotel video productions for hospitality and the hotel sector.  Our hotel content production and hotel marketing are essential for your hotel, luxury resort, destination, or restaurant. As a boutique hotel content producer, we bring to life the personality of your brand. Specialising in hotel photography, hotel video production and supported by a great website, SEO, and hotel branding for the tourist and leisure industry, Creation Bureau produce the very best photography and video for hotels, hospitality, luxury resorts, destination and restaurants. Engagement rates are driven by excellent material. 95% of website viewers not only retain the information or pass it on as a referral, but up to 85% book online from a prestigious and beautifully designed website.

Helping Hotels,Lesiure Resorts and Tourism brands

The choice for smart brands, who understand that a great digital production is essential for their brand.
“The Creation Bureau are the only hotel photographers and video content creators I call on for professional Venue Hotel Photography and Hotel Video shoots. Working with their team means I know we will make a venue or hotel look its absolute best. The team understands the industry and the sales process and deliver content that drives revenue for my hotel and resort clients”
Leading industry expert
Kelly Mortimer
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Creation Bureau Bringing your brand to life with 
Content and Marketing 

Hotel photography and hotel video solutions for Hotel, Tourism and Leisure utilises creative hotel interior photography and seamless motion video and our digital marketing services

Your Hotel Marketing, content Increasing Hotel Bookings

Creative Video and Photographic production increase reservations by nearly 80% with a 50%. Effective Social Media and Google by business increases this further. Low price marketing for hoteliers without compromise on quality.

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What Services We Offer To Our Clients

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Hotel photography for interiors, exteriors, people, food and Aerial, carefully crafted, creative lighting and post-produced.

Website design - Custom builds

A speedy good looking website and design which stands out delivers high-level customer service for clients and show the best attributes of your hotel.

360 and Immersive Photography

Hotels and resorts, can elevate their presence online going far beyond photographs with 360 tours and 3D scans as walkthroughs of your property.

Video Production

Hotel video is a powerful emotive way of engagement for social media video, 360 video production for hotels, resorts, and destinations.

Drone Video and Photography

Offering hotels and the leisure industry an opportunity and a different customer experience, Drone Video allows clients to get acquainted with your hotel.

Hotel Content Marketing

Distribution of your content, such as videos, social media, blog posts and newsletters, as marketing tools to attract and retain customers across social networks.

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41% More Web Traffic.

Businesses using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users Our marketing concepts allow clients the opportunity for a greater presence in their online and offline marketing strategies.

95% Retention of your Message.

Viewers retain 95% of your message watching a video, versus 10% when reading it. Our expertise gives peace of mind for our clients that we produce good looking content and get bookings.

86% of Travellers make their bookings online.

Doubling your Photography and Video collection with beautiful crafted content can boost your booking rates by up to 45%

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After working over 10 years within hotel leisure and hospitality, our customers work with us based on our knowledge and understanding of  Hotels, Resorts, Destinations, and Restaurants. Our passion is delivering super authentic hotel photography, hotel video, hotel websites, and Hotel website SEO. Our mission is to help hoteliers, hotels, and Destination clients see how their clients respond to them and increase sales and bookings. Authentic remarketing of content will help increase web traffic and bookings, conversion rates, and the direct bookings they need.
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COVID 19 Action Plan

Our COVID-19 Recovery Plan for hoteliers outlines our marketing plan to help navigate out how the virus.

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iSmart Courses

Staff training courses in Smartphoneography is the best way of training your social team to shoot superb pictures.

old course saint andrews hotel marketing creation bureau

Attention to Detail

Famous brands such as St Andrews, Scotland, asked us to create their content with our attention to detail.

Creation Bureau provides hotel photography, hotel video and production. Exotic hospitality photography, Luxury hospitality, Classic hospitality, Food photography, Architecture photography services, Hotel videos. Hotel website design, Hotel video shoots, 360 Hotel virtual tours. We are Hotel and Resort Photography Experts and a leader in quality Luxury resort photography and destination photography and video productions.

Luxury hotel photography is a skill that takes many years to perfect. It’s all about light, shape and form. We interpret this for all of our hotel photography clients and hotel video productions.
Creation Bureau is one of the UK’s premier and acclaimed luxury hotel photographers and hotel content creators, our experience in production is not just to record what I can see but to hint at what you can’t see. We create authentic hotel photography and hotel video, giving a true sense of how it is and how it feels to be at your hotel, resort, or luxury location.

We are a hotel production and hotel marketing company. Our work is captured and produced within a small group of highly talented creators who understand how to take pictures and how to direct and compose the very best hotel photography and hotel video. Creation Bureau as luxury hotel photographers and hotel video creators, has extensive knowledge about the hotel and hospitality industry, which allows us to work on occasion autonomously, giving you back the time you need to concentrate on running your hotel.

We often combine means to create the hotel marketing material, including video, lifestyle photography and interiors photography. The role of luxury resort photography and hotel video has allowed us to be one of the best in the UK, creating hotel photography, hotel video, interior photography, people and lifestyle photography, food photography, drone video, and drone photography.